Thursday, December 29, 2005

Top 20 "something" games I've played

My 20 "something" most awesomely badass video games of all time.

23. Pro Wrestling – NES; Great characters, and the first game with character specific special moves. There is no one greater than the brain chompin.

22. Star Wars Rouge Squadron - N64; Still to date the best space flight/fighter game. The hidden unlockables made replay worth while.

21. F-Zero - SNES; The original high speed racer. Framer rate was great for the era. It created a new look for racers forever.

20. Crackdown - XBOX 360; Single player starts off a little slow but the more you grow the more addictive it becomes. A geneticly enhanced police officer is an awsome concept that is portrayed very well. Playing online with a friend gives an intristing co-op ability. Just good, plain-old fun.

19. Contra - NES; ^, ^, v, v, <, >, <, >, b, a, start. Enough said.

18. Command and Conquer Red Alert - PC; That was a great series, too bad the genre has gone the way of the FPS. There is something to be had for tactical assaults with multiple squads with the overhead view.

17. Battlefield – PC; Hmm. How should kill’em this time? Assault rifle, sniper, grenade launcher, tripod, jeep, tank. Best recreation of a WWII environment, very intense.

16. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory - XBOX; Visually a great surprise from the previous edition which was only about eighteen months earlier. The game flows well, the light animations are phenomenal. “Hey buddy, don’t move cause I’m gonna sneak up behind you and break your neck. Okay?”

15. Resident Evil – PS; The first ever truly scary video game. Very challenging but complete able. Uuuuhhhh (said the zombie)

14. Tomb Raider – PS; There’s nothing that chic couldn’t do. Piece finding and puzzle building at it’s finest.

13. Far Cry – PC; The best environment in any action game. Story line has many twists and turns. Controls are easy. And the AI is one of a kind. Best FPS for the PC.

12. SSX3 - PS2; Ever been sledding, wipeout and got the wind knocked out of you. Now you have snow in your ear, your head is ringing. And you just lay there on your back trying to recover, still not understanding how things went from a winter wonderland to you being a human snowball collecting every 4 year old in your way? Yeah, that’s what this game is like.

11. Goldeneye - N64; For months I couldn’t get that theme song out of my head. In multiplayer never pick Dr. No. He may be short and can hide a lot, but he always takes a headshot. This game is what I grade all FPS’s with.

10. Metal Gear Solid (Tactical Espionage Action) – PS; The game starts like a movie. The first section you progress toward an elevator while the credits roll at the bottom. “Then going up the elevator to end the first section the title comes up. Truly a theatrical styled game. If you play the game with that in mind you will see how well it was designed. The series is awesome and this was their pinnacle. Hmm, what was that noise? “!”

9. Halo - XBOX; Single player game great, multiplayer awesome. Zoom in, zoom out, franticly look around. You see something move, you zoom in. Hey he’s looking right at you. PLA-DOW, and you jump, like it hurt or something. Then you realize you were holding you breath, you start panting. They start you out in the open, PLA-DOW. Dieing has never felt so good.

8. The Legend of Zelda – NES; It’s hard to believe that there was a world of video games without memory, and this was the ground breaker. I never beat it on the second world, but getting through all the castles the first time around was good enough for me.

7. Gears of War -XBOX 360; If for no other reason than being the most visually stunning games ever made. The dark feel draws you into the story. The locusts are very easy to hate with their appearence, their vocal dislike of "ground walkers" and their "you must die" tenacity.

6. God of War - PS2; An artist's masterpiece. So greatly created you can almost taste the blood. The all time best hack-n-slash game. Medieval revenge at godly proportions. The ultimate prize for any mortal.

5. Grand Theft Auto 3 – PS2; Rockstar has the game of that genre that all are graded on. If it’s not a sports or racing game, I will give it the GTA grade. If you haven’t played it, get some electricity, buy a TV and plan on spending a good chunk of your days on the couch.

4. Gran Turismo – PS; The racers evolution. “Hey let’s go rent a game. Look at this new game, all it has on the cover is a car with a cover on it. It doesn’t look too bad.” Back at home on the couch, “Oh my damn! This Supra is outta control.” Returned the rental the next morning, and made one of the best $50 purchases of my life.

3. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare - XBOX 360; Killing thy neighbor. Ahhh, sounds so good. The single player is good, people complained about it being short. But if you play it on Verteran difficulty you will be ready for it to be over. Online play is where it's at. I love to snipe and there are a few maps that allow it. Sometimes it's cool to act as a team leader with your sniper rifle, leading your team in the right direction, then make the crucial "one shot - one kills" to keep them going. Halo? Ohh, that game where you jump around all of the time! Yeah, I think I remember that game.

2. Tecmo Super Bowl – NES; The original NFL game with all the team and all starters, with some back-ups, and stats. The first ever sports game with stats. Touchdown!

1. Perfect Dark - N64; Okay has anyone beat the PerfectSim in a gun fight, if you killed him with something other than a proximity mine (which sometimes he was fast enough to dodge the explosion) my hat’s off to you. Games with both single and multiplayer options usually were really solid with one but not the other. This has the best set of Sims with great maps for multiplayer action, and a solid story line. If only the gods would remake this game for the new consoles.

Honorable mention
Ninja Gaiden – NES, Bionic Commando – NES, Doom –PC, Final Fantasy X – PS2, Time Splitters 2 – PS2, Tomb Raider 4 – PS, Mario 3 – NES, Twisted Metal – PS, Siphon Filter – PS, Ratchet and Clank Going Commando – PS2, Blades of Steal – NES, Resident Evil 4 – PS2, Need for Speed – PS, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out – NES, Gran Turismo 4 – PS2