Saturday, June 29, 2013

Slow June

There was not much going in terms of games that actually exist in stores right now and it doesn't look good going into a post-E3 June, pre-new console holiday in November.

I tried State of Emergency, a cheap zombie game, and found it really lacking. It's a straight mission based game, which is fine. My most hated elements were the bad graphics clipping and stuttering, weapons that break completely unrealistically and a lack of mission instructions. That last one hurts me the most because I probably play 4 hours a week and a lot of time passes in between sessions of gaming nod I completely forget what I was going. I have a couple of missions that have progress bars labeled "Trust" and I have no idea what they mean.

God, I hate typing on an iPad.

I also spent most of the day today playing Borderlands 2. I'm on Ultimate Vault Hunter mode, a third play through of the game. What I never enjoyed about the game was that if you were playing with friends who were, say, 5+ levels ahead of you, the game scaled up the enemies way too high. I always get stuck tagging along, unable to deal any damage, take more than a few hits of damage myself and literally stand around soaking up the free XP. Most of this game I've spent playing by myself is when I've really enjoyed it. That sucks.

I hope that over the next month or so I can put more time into these to games, sit down with my iPad and figure these games out. There's not much hope for Borderlands 2, in terms of making it better, but I'll continue playing by myself and possibly purchasing older content I haven't played yet. There's no hope for the Tiny Tina update because that's really meant for multiple people, which is this game's weakest point.