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Educational Gamer's Mom

by Justin N

So the technology is out there. The parents are buying it. The kids are even playing it. But it is good enough?

Sleepless Mama quickly recounts her history playing games, taking on role of official navigator, helping her brother with the cheat books and magazines until the Sims debuted. But she quickly dimisser herself as a "gamer" because she doesn't get involved in gaming much more than PopCap. A web gamer.

She says her daughter also has the gamer gene, playing educational V. Smile games like Dora the Explorer. Hours pass and she sighs at her daughter learning, but still being inactive in front of the television.

I could write for hours on this topic alone.


At 11:10 AM, Blogger Sleepless Mama said...

First of all, I never said she sat in front of the TV for "hours." I specifically said "long periods of time." A four-year-old does not spend hours in a row doing any one thing, except perhaps sleeping. What qualifies as a long time to a small child would probably be considered quite short to you.

Second, I think you should read my newest post.


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