Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Withdraw, Possible Solution

Moving into the new house has led to some serious non-game playing
activities. There is a reason why Extreme Home Makeover is not an Xbox 360

I haven't even had time, or the inclination really, to work on my lap
times for the Tourist Trophy Tournament we're putting on. Besides that,
I'm missing The New Super Mario Brothers, Killer 7, Fight Night 3, and
probably one or two other used games I bought that I really wanted to
delve into. I'm going through a little bit of gamer withdraw.

So how do I balance work, new home ownership (read: spending money on dumb
stuff) and my gaming hobby? I guess that is the secondary point of this
website. I think I've only been able to successfully schedule a few hours
of tennis into a couple of days a week. I've also managed to decided to
set aside a few days of vacation and head down the Blue Ridge Parkway on
the motorcycle and visit the dreaded Tail of the Dragon, Deal's Gap in
North Carolina (318 curves in 11 miles!).

So what is my possible solution? Solution maybe the wrong word here. A fix
of the addictive kind is more proper. An Xbox 360 is and always has been
in my future. A mere $300 would qualify as a hefty fix, even though there
are absolutely no games out that would draw me to such a conclusion. It's
purely singluar, with exception to the fact that I know there is a
next-gen HDDVD player component that will companion the white beast in the
year's future.

So should a buy box that will only play movies for the time being? I've
definetly got the money and I know I want it sometime. I think my only
problem is figuring out why I can't spend large sums of money in a single
day. It hurts me. But it's not buying rugs and towel racks is going to
fade anytime soon.